Join OF HOUSE founder Ashley Bowman, for a series of FREE workshops promoting the benefits of sustainable design.  

All workshops are held at 299 S. Park Ave - OF HOUSE headquarters


10/23/21 | LET'S TALK TABLES | 12-1PM

One of the most important and used pieces of furniture in the home is the dining room or kitchen table.  We gather our friends and family around it.  We spill juice and wine on it.  We inherit it from our families.  We use and abuse it!  I would love to share some thoughts on what to think about when searching for such a piece either to buy or refinish.  I will also share my perspective on why we should not be precious about these tables.  They are meant to represent our use as humans ALL over them.  
  We will be covering the following topics:
-discussing shape and size
-how to thrift a table and what to look for
-basic skills and tools to refinish a table
-seats vs. benches vs. both