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The Marrakech Set



To purchase, contact Ashley Kraut directly at 

This antique parlor couch and accompanying club chair are sold as a set.  I designed these pieces to showcase the vintage Moroccan textile of which I purchased from my friend Youssef, (an antique Moroccan rug dealer and friend) as the cushion covers.  The front panels are purple, the backs are light yellow, the outside backs are burlap and double welting finishes both pieces.  The couch is solid Mahogany.

The colors within this set are joyous, inspiring and capture the many colors of desert sunsets.



The Churro Chair


To purchase, contact Ashley Kraut directly at 

This chair uses a traditional Navajo-Churro wool felt piece made by artist Lana Dura.  Traditional Churro were initially brought across the Atlantic by early Spanish explorers.  Sheep quickly became a major economic asset, unmatched as a mobile food, fiber, and commerce source of the West.  Navajo-Churro fleece is composed of an inner coat of fine wool fibers and a long protective out coat which sheds the snow and rain.


When I found this amazing textile, I stored it for quite a while until I found the perfect chair to honor the beauty of the felted art.



Mudcloth Duo

$850.00 (2 chairs)*

I stripped, sanded and repaired this pair of antique chairs to reveal a stunning African Mahogany that was completely hidden under old stain and polyurethane.  I finished the wood in an oil-wax to reveal the natural beauty of the Mahogany.  The upholstery is African mudcloth that I purchased from my friend Bakary, which seemed appropriate considering the origin of the wood. 

Use these at the end of your dining room table or accent your living areas.  They bring a combination of modern and old to the room and are quite comfortable.

*Not sold separately.



Clifton Parlor Settee/Convertable Sofa-bed


To purchase, contact Ashley Kraut directly at 

Bridgette, owner of When + Where Co, posted this settee on Instagram and I had to have it. She purchased it from Clifton, AZ.

The entire piece had to be rebuilt on the inside.  The old mechanisms were not working because much of the support system had cracked. The settee has been brought back to its original glory with a joyous combination of textiles. My choice in colors is inspired by the bougainvilleas that grow all over this region.  Their deep pink flowers and bright green leaves remind me of Mexico and Tucson.  Scroll through the photos to see how the settee can accommodate many positions. It comes with two accent pillows.



Pendleton Reading Chair


This mid-century chair has been reborn with a vintage 1970s Pendleton wool blanket.  The back is burlap. I dismantled the piece and repaired the wood which was quite damaged.  I then added a faux finish to accent the dark blue stripes in the textile.