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Here are some images of my latest furniture designs which include custom and repurposed pieces. Click on the image to see the full picture and description.



This unique property located in the lovely Blenman Elm Historic District, is the second unit behind the main house.  The client purchased the property as an investment and living opportunity.  I collaborated with the client to create an aesthetic that matched his lifestyle and history as a general contractor and carpenter.  We went with white walls (a signature look of mine), minimal yet specifically curated decor, and a feel of cabin meets city.  I designed and constructed/repurposed most of the furniture in the home along with the window treatments. We used pieces of which he already owned and transformed them into art, such as the antique woodworking bench which is hung on the wall in the living room. The lounge couch is made from reclaimed barn wood (of which he already owned).  The client and owner remodeled the property.  visit https://touheyscustomcarpentry.com/

This property is a great example of how we can pull from items we already own, and find new meaning and life in them.