I am writing and dedicating time towards a cookbook titled, OF HOUSE. It is inspired by my belief that now more than ever, we must thoughtfully choose and prepare food that keeps us healthy and inspired, and, to pass that very approach down to our children.  The book features my original recipes, my journey with how food has had a huge impact on my life, my passion for teaching my daughter how to cook, and sharing it all with the people I love. 


My recipes are simple and require time and ritual.  As a carpenter and furniture maker, I offer suggestions on the types of solid wooden tables you should consider to serve your food on.   These tables can last for generations and earn the right to be stained, scratched, and delightfully "ruined."  Our dining tables showcase the histories of our family's journey with food.  


I would love to invite you to join me on this journey with the first edition of the OF HOUSE cookbook.  Joining my email list is a great way to stay informed.

JULY - Camping

We love to travel and camp AND cook delicious food while we do it.

Visit your local famers markets while camping.

Bring a cast iron pan.

Keep it simple and delicious.

My recipe below uses zucchini flowers stuffed with an artisan melting cheese then breaded with crushed crackers and fried in olive oil.  




Valencia Orange Melt

A unique combination of orange, fresh thyme, and brie baked together and served with fresh bread.


Rosemary Masa Cake

This lightly sweet desert is made with fresh corn, rosemary, and finished with a warm honey syrup.

Valencia Orange Cake 

A super moist and dense cake made delicious by adding a slightly sweet orange boiled whole and pureed into a batter of almond flour.


Goat Cheese Rellenos

These chiles are stuffed with goat cheese and black beans and battered with almond flour.


Garlic and Ginger Sweet Potatoes

I take copious amounts of three ingredients and bake them into these organic large sweet potatoes.

IMG_8047 2.jpg

Sonoran Dinner

Fired roasted beets with my goat cheese rellenos and marinated grilled chicken make this dinner delicious.

Apple Galettes

I used coconut oil instead of butter to make this pastry of apples that may need to be cooked because they have passed their peak of crispness.

IMG_8264 2.jpg

Healing Bone Soup

When I struggle with health issues, this soup brings me back to life and I eat it every night for two weeks like a cleanse of sorts.

IMG_4664 3.jpg