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I am currently designing a new collection of mirrors of all shapes, sizes, and designs.  Stay tuned for new items!



Art inspired by collected items and the natural world. New items posted weekly!



An End, A Beginning


This large mural began with the backdrop, which is a 1950s elementary school cork board that I turned around and used for the night sky.  The texture of the old plywood lends itself well to unique cosmic shapes.

The comet is a naturally formed slice of Acacia.  The moon is made from a disassembled antique table frame.  The mountain vistas are made using a variety of old barn wood.  The landscape is inspired by Monument Valley in Northern AZ. 





I often take walks with my young daughter around our desert acreage out by the Tortolita Mountain Range north of Tucson.  There is an enormous saguaro that grows just down the road.  It is by far, the largest I have ever seen.  What's even more fascinating is that there is not one hole made by woodpeckers in the saguaro - something incredibly rare.  It's as if the desert and it's creature deemed it off limits due to its uniqueness and beauty.  

I made this art piece to honor it. It is titled, "Intocable" which means untouchable in Spanish.



Heart Chakra


I am fascinated by the anatomical drawings of the human heart, specifically old sketches from the turn of the 19th century.  I like how the wood makes it look like and adult puzzle of sorts.

This piece is inspired by the feelings that move through this epicenter of an organ.  The feelings can be incredibly intense and that is what the lightning bolts represent.

More images to come on this piece...



Picacho Peak

I chose to portray Picacho Peak for this commission because my client's home is not too far from this famous landmark.  My own home is not far from it as well.  I see it everyday and find its presence to be inspiring.  

The peak is made from Black Walnut, the other peaks are made from a variety of reclaimed wood and the bottom lower range is made from cutoffs of mesquite.  I often incorporate some element of the cosmos into these murals.  The setting sun behind Picacho Peak features flares against the night sky.


100% reclaimed materials.




This is the original mural that started it all.  I was working an old discarded dining room table made from Douglas Fir.  It required a great deal of work and I took it on to better my skills as a woodworker and repair woman.  Half way through the project, it was clear to me that the table was not salvageable and I had to rethink what to do with it.  I decided it could be a great backdrop for a piece of art.

I painted the wood with chalk paint and added a Milky Way like brassy faux finish.  I then added mountains made from old wood laying around my shop.  I added the Sun and Moon and titled it Eunoia which means "a well-balanced mind."  It was my tribute to the natural world and the Southwest.  This piece inspired my journey in this particular medium.