After retiring from an extensive 20-year career as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, I transitioned into my passion for woodworking and furniture restoration.  I am a self-taught carpenter, furniture maker, and repair woman. When I was a young child, I have memories of my parents restoring antiques from the East Coast. The idea of preserving well-made furniture forever remained an influence towards designing my own living spaces.  My mother taught me how to thrift and look for pieces that were beautiful, functional, and worthy of refinishing.  My father is a meticulous graphite pencil artist in addition to building and refinishing wooden antiques.  My stepfather is also a carpenter and builds custom cabinetry among other things. My youngest brother is a carpenter and construction worker.  I call my kind, the "salt of the earth" and I am proud to come from a family of hard-working, resourceful, artful, and talented folk.

The sustainable part of my business naturally came about.  My custom furniture, such as dining tables, chairs, benches, wall art, etc., is a combination of modern and rustic because I use reclaimed lumber yet love clean lines and cohesion within the pieces.  I use specific eco-friendly products (most are special-ordered from Europe).  I have nothing against products from big box stores, but as a carpenter being exposed on a daily basis, I choose the most healthy and logical options for myself and my clients.


I am a Tucsonan and my connection to the Sonoran Desert inspires my work.  I love Mexican culture, cuisine, and art.  Antonio Martinez works side by side with me.  He is from Guadalajara, Mexico, and is a welder, machinist, construction worker, and carpenter.  Together, we create new pieces on a daily basis and laugh while doing it.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me.  OF HOUSE, is one of many chapters in my life and I love what I do.

-Ashley B.