ASHLEY BOWMAN | Founder | Designer | Carpenter

After a 20-year career as a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher, I decided to retire and make a rather unexpected transition into the world of carpentry and design.  I am self-taught and work with reclaimed and unique supplies and materials. My finishing products are low VOC or VOC free and made from natural oils and waxes.  

Antonio Martinez works side by side with me.  He is from Guadalajara, Mexico, and is a welder, machinist, construction worker, carpenter and friend. 

In addition to building custom furniture, installations and art, I redesign and rebuild upholstered seating that has been discarded.  I use antique textiles from around the world combined with beautiful cottons and colors inspired by the desert. I choose old furniture with unique lines and comfortability deserving of another round of use.

I am a mother to my little girl Colette and live with my partner Raymond Kraut, an accomplished luthier and master carpenter, out in the Tortolita Mountain range north of Tucson on stunning desert acreage. We are building and designing a unique home suited for desert living titled The Derrio Canyon Project. 


My first cookbook titled OF HOUSE is in the works.  It combines my passion for building dining tables with my passion for serving food to the people I love on those very tables. 

Curiosity keeps me going and my business feeds my soul and encompasses my diverse interests as to what my body and mind can build together... dance once did :) (photo by Taylor Noel Photography)