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I founded Of House in 2020, following my passion for design, woodworking, furniture restoration, and decor. My aesthetic is inspired by the Sonoran Desert where I live and work with my husband Raymond Kraut.  Our property is just north of Tucson, AZ which hosts two custom-built workshops.  We are currently building a custom home suited for desert living including 100% rain water harvesting, solar, and efficient materials to keep the home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

My materials include a variety of lumber species, antique textiles, repurposed furniture, and natural/collected items.  My artwork features desert landscapes and animals inspired by the land of which I live on.

I retired from the world of professional dance in 2019, after a period of burnout and well-needed change.  Raymond and I welcomed our son, Kees Morgan in June, 2023.  My daughter Colette who is about 7 years old, has grown up around my workshops.  Of House is my solution to supporting my family as a mother and myself as and artist.


Photography by Taylor Noel Photography


Raymond is a master carpenter who believes in craftsmanship. He is known as one of the world's foremost luthiers and apprenticed under Ervin Somogyi - a man who helped revolutionize the steel stringed guitar industry into a high-end instrumental mecca.  Raymond's instruments are works of art through his impeccable ability to produce sound and his signature minimalist aesthetic.  He established his career in Eugene, Oregon, where he created state-of-art woodworking shops that attracted tourists and locals to witness his unique talent for restoring antique machinery from the 1920's - 1950's.  His workshops includes rare and collectible tools that are fully operational.


Photo by Taylor Noel Photography

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